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WORK 3.0Why your Employee Experience is Everything

WORK 3.0Why your Employee Experience is Everything

How do we best inspire and motivate employees in today’s society? How do we manage their expectations about wanting to be the CEO within 24-months without crushing their desire to lead? How do we cope with their need for immediate continuous feedback? Simultaneously, they are a generation reared on collaboration (what is social media but a shared platform of Ideas and Information), and they will look for such collaborative opportunities in their everyday work. This may be great Inside your organization, but you might get upset when you see them at lunch with your competitors, eager to solve Industry issues.

This speech looks at the new values these employees now hold dear and how the workplace of the future needs to deliver. 

Work has changed. From the way we work, the hours we work, to the places we work. Yes, technology has driven a lot of these changes, but the actual expectations of the employee is now the step-change. In a post Covid-19 world, the new employee demands more from their work. They want an experience, not a set of tasks or goals. They want to be motivated and nurtured, regardless of if they are in the office or working from home.

Organizations now have to focus on giving an employee a truly authentic experience, one that is genuine and talks to these new social values. In this entertaining and high-octane speech, we explore what each new value shift means for talent development and how emerging technology like AI will further change the game. Why work needs to stay relevant to those we seek to recruit and retain, and what relevance means in the new economy.

This is work 3.0. It Is both exciting and scary, but then most worthwhile things are.

3 key learnings from this talk


Authenticity. The new employee needs to connect with their work in a meaningful way.They need to know that what they are doing makes a difference. They need to understand their purpose, their ‘why’. Without it, the organization is just another faceless entity. Learn to speak ‘Genuine’.


Belonging. You no longer own your business, they do. As an extension of purpose, nurturing belonging is essential if we are to retain developed talent. But how are we to appeal to them to the point they feel that sense of belonging? Particularly relevant post Covid-19 and our desire for community, learn what your employee experience needs to deliver in order to foster a sense of belonging and loyalty.


Challenge. Unless we are continuously challenging our new employees we are at risk of losing them. But what does challenging mean to the modern worker? How do we control ‘challenge’ as well as ‘work/life balance’? How do we measure challenge? Well understanding and delivering on their values is the key.


This guys is the Irish tony Robbins very good speech

Ken Hughes has literally represented creativity by motivating us for each day of our lives

This is great. I’m so inspired. Such a ‘rock star’ speech

This talk is inspirational. Just brilliant. Watch it and share. I love his ideas

Truly motivated by the energy and messages you had given us! Inspirational



Trying to find a HR speaker who can energise, inspire and excite as much as they can provoke and challenge can be difficult. We have used Ken several times and he never fails to do all of the above with our global employee teams as well as with our customer base. If you are looking for true employee inspiration and outstanding insight into the HR realities, look no further.



Ken delivered such a thought provoking and entertaining speech on the needs and desires of younger generations. His talk was highly appreciated by all of the UEFA managers and coaches set with the challenge of managing the next generation of players.The post-event feedback we received regarding his speech has been outstanding.



Inspirational is a word that is too often overused, none more so than in relation to speakers, many of whom are very good but not truly inspirational i.e. inspire people to think or act in a different way. I had high expectations based on your Ted Talk and feedback I had received from a couple of people who had seen you live previously, and I am delighted to say that you surpassed them all.Thank you for a truly inspirational session!


‘Today’s worker wants the freedom to be whoever they want to be, and they expect their employer to support this’

- Ken Hughes -