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THE JOY OF CX:Why your Customer Experience is everything

What the FUCX? Why Your Customer Experience is Everything

There is a reason everyone is talking about CX. Every article you read on Linked In, every congress you attend, every branding podcast you listen to. The Customer Experience is paramount to success. OK, we get it. Or do we?

Some companies still see CX as a necessary part of what they have to do, as opposed to a unique proposition where they can strongly differentiate. Some businesses see CX as something that is just for the customer service roles and not for their entire path-to-purchase and brand philosophy. Even smart organisations can still be reactive with CX as opposed to predictive and proactive.

The reason CX has become the fulcrum point around which every business needs to pivot is because of the changing nature of consumerism. The Millennial and particularly the Gen Z consumer are a more expectant breed than ever before, and the rest of us have also followed suit.

The expectation of frictionless, seamless and a ‘one-click world’ has been carried from our digital experiences into the real world. We expect the system to know who we are, predict what we want and deliver. We demand brands value to be custom and engage with us on a personal level. We are that Blue Dot Consumer, we are in the ‘middle of the screen’ and everything else revolves around us.

So, if CX is key, then why are some businesses so bad at it? Why do they still struggle to just meet basic satisfaction levels, not to mind going beyond customer expectations? Why don’t brands realise that delighting the customer is no longer a choice but a requirement, that exceeding expectations is a must to fuel peer-to- peer conversation and brand-storytelling?

Today every interaction we have with a customer, be it digital or in the real-world is an opportunity to build brand connections and invoke emotional response. Looking to optimise every touch point along the customer journey is key, as is identifying pain points and dissolving them.

This speech is an entertaining and informative look at the modern consumer and their expectations, how and why the bar has been set high for CX and what your brand and business should be considering. Don’t be caught scratching your head, wondering why your business has lost share, muttering ‘what the FUCX’?


3 key learnings from this talk


The previous battlegrounds of low price, quality and convenience have given way to a truer representation of what the modern consumer wants, values and expects. A solid Customer Experience Strategy has to be apparent in every thing an organisation is about today. CX needs to be in a brand’s DNA.


What consumers value has always changed. Not delivering on what they value is a sure way to become irrelevant, and fast. Good CX is not only a core consumer value today, but a base expectation. You need to learn to go beyond consumer expectations and push into Delight & Excite as a strategy.


Harnessing the peer-to-peer network is only possible when your customer talks about your brand. Their brand story-telling is what brings your brand to life, without it, do you even exist? Unless you are giving your customers an experience to share, then why should they tell your story? Learn to look at your customer journey through that story-telling filter.

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The race for relevance is on! Thank you for your insightful presentation

Brilliant, funny, personalized presentation

I’d have come to this event for Ken alone. That was really inspirational.

Another #gem from @KenHughesIE “Focus on the consumer. It’s not about bricks and mortar, it’s not about online, it’s about the consumer and what they want”

Consumer centric businesses are the key for business survival. @KenhughesiE Thanks for an amazing presentation.



“Ken’s virtual session on Customer Experience during Covid was received so well by our Global Leadership team and really resonated. We were all so excited by the session and I know there are now immediate plans to cascade the content throughout the CX teams globally”


“Ken’s speech at both our US and European CX events really excited delegates for the need to better engage with the new consumer and get personal and experiential. As a speech it was relevant, insightful as well as great fun. An ideal mix.”



“Your passion and insight into CX astounded all our delegates and really made our event. Inspiring and thought provoking.”


“CX goes beyond reward schemes and customer services. It is a brand philosophy, and today, a way to survive”

- Ken Hughes -