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SPEAK LIKE A PROA Masterclass in Corporate Speaking


Speak like a Pro A Masterclass in Corporate Speaking

At some point in every executives’ life, you have to deliver a speech to your peers or customers at a large-scale event. You will have to stand on stage and hold their attention, you will have to have the audience identify with you, and ensure your core message is not only understood, but actioned.

While some executives have a natural flair and stage-presence, most need to be coached to reach their potential, not unlike any other element of personal development. But many approach the stage with a ‘this will be fine’ attitude, and while confidence is good, inadequate preparation and investment is very obvious to any audience.

I have watched CEOs falter on stage, CMOs lose an entire audience, COOs appear weak and uncertain, CFOs bore an audience to near death. I have watched providers lose an audience and blow a sales pitch. The successful on stage are not the important or titled, they are those who connect, who engage and who encourage action.

This workshop is designed to bring an executive on a journey of discovery. From the key aspects of preparation, to the performance and the importance of story-telling, this session explores corporate speaking from every angle.

Using past visual material of famously good and bad speeches, we will explore the components of what makes a good speech, and equip delegates with the knowledge and insight they need to bring their delivery to the next level.

Every time an executive stands on stage, they represent both themselves and their company. It is not advisable to let that to chance. One day spent on this corporate speaking Masterclass will see a significant improvement in confidence, and equip participants with a series of ideas, checklists and approaches to ensure any future speaking invitations are powerfully engaging.

Every year, I speak to tens of thousands of participants all over the world. I’ve performed in arenas and small boutique events, led full-day sessions and 18-minute TED talks. Drawing on my experience as a global speaker, actor and strategist, this is one session that will deliver.

Bespoke internal workshop

Delivered as a workshop internally within a company, bringing together all key executives and working on performance individually within a group setting. Ideal number of participants <10.

Open sessions

Workshop sessions open to any executive, audience made up of many participants. Sessions take place several times a year globally. Individual attention with total participants <10. 

Personal 1-to-1 coaching

Private individual sessions utilised for C-Level or High-Performance Individuals 



Having had Ken Keynote and MC our corporate events, we invited him to New York to lead a session on speaking with key executives. It gave participants great confidence, tips and really opened eyes to how to better engage. Best day of personal development in a long time.


Having someone of Ken’s expertise and skill coach your speaking is both daunting and exciting. You start thinking that you can never be as good as he is, but then you learn the tips and tricks. Without doubt the improvement is marked.