The London Speaker Bureau | Interview

In this exclusive interview, Ken Hughes provides fascinating insights into consumer behaviour and the importance of “connecting with consumers in a way that gives companies customer lifetime value”.

Podcast Insight @Work

Ken Hughes interviewed by ADP Canada for their Insight@Work podcast. An episode about Creativity and Innovation in the workplace and how to take Personal responsibility as a leader and employee for same.

E-Book Building a Better Future

Ken Hughes contributed to the nexxworks' brand new trend e-book "On Building A Better Future". Trends from top experts like Nir Eyal, Dave Snowden, Naomi Oreskes, Adrian Bejan, Steven Van Belleghem, Brett King, Jeremy Lent, Céline Schillinger, Rik Vera and many, many more!

What’s Missing in Digital Engagement?

While digital tools and tech allow brands to reach and sell to people at scale, the downside is that intimacy is quickly lost.

What will be the new norm?

Brands need to make the consumer feel more in control, feel that they have freedom to choose, feel more connected, more engaged, feel that they are part of something bigger, an authentic heart-felt community.

Why the Captive Economy will change behaviours forever

The emergence and vast spread of COVID-19 has sparked the "Captive Economy," according to Hughes, in which consumers are striving to maintain control in a time of anxiety and uncertainty.

How customer behaviours have changed in Coronatimes?

Interview with Ken Hughes on changing customer behaviours and brands approach

Why Blue Dot Consumers run the world. Podcast

Ken talks about what it takes to connect with today’s shoppers. In a GPS-connected world, they are the blue dot. And when it comes to shopping, it’s all about them.

Why Attending a Conference is more important than ever. Interview

How we can justify the expense and time away from the office that inevitably come with attending industry events. ICSC Europe Managing Director, Bill Kistler, interviews Ken Hughes, to ask “Are conferences really worth it?”

Consumers Are Like Water

Ken Hughes advised his audience during the Invisalign/iTero UK Forum in London: “Consumers are like water; they will always find a way to whatever they want.” If that way leads them away from you, you have lost a customer.

The Blue Dot Consumer

In this episode of Over Klanten Gesproken Ken shared stories around the consumer and he explained his ‘blue dot consumer’ concept

How consumer behaviour will change in the future

AI is the next significant consumerist game-changer. As consumers, we are already living our life guided by the influence of everyday algorithms and machine learning. Ken Hughes explained to us how he assesses the current developments in AI, how Millennials differ from Gen Z, and how this impacts their consumer behaviour

Understanding why shoppers buy.Podcast

Ken reviews why retailers should research and understand their retail experiences through the lens of a shopper mission.

How to reach the Phigytal native of Gen Z

In this interview, Ken Hughes reveals the secrets retailers need to know to market to, and employ, Gen Z — the first truly “phygital” generation.

Forget Millennials, Gen Z is the future: 5 things to think about

The future belongs to this Generation Z, so don’t you think we should shift our focus to this future?

Does it hurt? Creating Frictionless Customer Experience

Many companies seem to spend a lot of time plotting their customer journey in great detail, but then they fail to ‘feel’ along it for the pain points.

Experiential Marketing. Podcast

The Marketing Masterclass, listen to the Experiential Marketing Podcast.

Expert outlooking on shopping

Interview for Canvas 8 on experiential retail, big brands taking inspiration from start-ups, and how mobile makes people impatient.

Personalisation: The future of consumerism in the digital Age

Consumers want banks, brands and business to know who they are as if they could read their minds. This is about Personalisation 2.0

The Generation Now

“We’re not really shopper-centric The biggest difference with this Generation is Self-Centricity”…

Do or die: How retailers can innovate in an age of disruption

Technology in stores is not Retail Innovation. Innovation isn’t on-shelf screen and tablets. Retail Innovation has to have creativity and the shopper at its heart.

Ken Hughes at SNACKEX

As world’s leading Consumer and Shopper Behaviouralist, Ken Hughes blends his vast expertise in consumer psychology, social anthropology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing to answer the question to which he has dedicated most of his career: Why do shoppers buy and how can we make them buy more?

Are you ready for the digital Natives?

Be ready for the “always on” consumer: Digital Natives are “on” 24 hours a day. This has implications for your business…

Making Shopping About The Shoppers (Again)

“We’re not really shopper-centric … Everyone in this room runs a business where they think that they are shopper-centric. But, in reality, retail is a logistics game, an operations game, a supply chain game, but it’s not a shopper game, really.”….

Future of garden centres in the hands of a new shopper

“The technology shifts are of course interesting, but they are only the catalysts for what is really happening. There is a new shopper and consumer DNA emerging, fundamentally different from anything that has come before. The future of the garden centre business is in the hands of this consumer generation, with all other life-stages also heavily influenced by digital interaction.

Consumer wants authenticity

Spanish article from Ken Hughes’ participation within the Global DIY Summit 2017

Shopper Marketing Trends

Trends and future of the Shopper Marketing. Spanish Interview

Marketing to millennials: Mass-produced food with a personal touch

The food industry has evolved to mass produce food in complex supply chains – so how can it appeal to millennials’ desire for personalised, authentic and artisanal food?

Online – Offline? There is no line!

An article in Dutch on Millennial consumers, what they demand and how they behave

Personalization and customer experiences are the key to success

The Millenial Generation has grown up with the fact that their individual needs are adapted to their behavior and wishes, they have tailored every interaction in their daily lives and grown up in a world where it is expected that everything is adapted to them.

Online Shopper Behaviour

Businesses talk to people but that’s not a conversation. Now they have to ge tinto conversation mode

Millennials: The future is nearer than you think

Today, 70 is the new 50 and for the millennial generation who haven’t developed a proper savings habit, this could signal trouble for their future in retirement.

7 things to consider when reinventing your store experience

“Staying relevant as markets and consumer expectations change is key. Whatever the industry. Whatever the company. Thinking you know better as CEO or as a senior manager is foolish…