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THE INNOVATION ENGINE:Fuelling Personal Success

The innovation engine:Fuelling Personal Success

Every corporate organisation recognises that creativity and innovation are the fuel that will drive their engine to success. The problem is that most organisations fail in catalysing this creativity, and so the innovation funnel runs dry. If we are to push established boundaries, challenge norms and solve problems in new ways then we have to change our approach. We have to avoid routine thinking, and it has to start with the individual.

Habit & Routine are the enemy of creativity, but yet most of us sit at the same desk, in the same role, surrounded by the same people every day. If we are to truly engage with problems in new ways, to surpass our personal and professional capabilities, we need to learn to break the routine.

This unique speech challenges delegates at an individual level to rewire how they think and act, to build a culture of creativity from the ground up. There will always be personal and professional disruption. The difference between being a victim and victor of these changes is in your response and attitude.

This talk is highly entertaining, motivating and inspiring. It has lit a fuse under hundreds of thousands globally who have heard its message, either live or through Ken’s TED Talk on the subject.

The central message is that by rewiring yourself to look for opportunity, by stepping up and out on a daily basis, creativity and success follow. How do you expect to be creative or succeed if you do the same things every day? Do more, be more.

3 key learnings from this talk


How habit and routine are the enemies of personal development and creativity


Why risk and play are central constructs to personal and professional change


How to motivate the self into bringing a A-Game every day, at work and in life

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This talk is inspirational. Just brilliant. Watch it and share. I love this idea

This guy is clearly Europe´s answer to Tony Robbins

This is great. I’m so inspired. Such a ‘rock star’ speech

Agree to live a life less ordinary. Time-Bender recruitment. Fantastic talk.

Fantastic talk by @KenHughesIE today! Lots to think about and lots of ideas down on paper… Thank you!

Agree to live a life less ordinary. Time-Bender recruitment. Fantastic talk!



“Trying to find a HR speaker who can energise, inspire and excite as much as they can provoke and challenge can be difficult. We have used Ken several times and he never fails to do all of the above with our global employee teams as well as with our customer base. If you are looking for true employee inspiration and outstanding insight into the HR realities, look no further”


“Now 10 months after his motivational personal development speech, Ken’s philosophy and speech remains with me. It was an amazing addition to our event andit had an amazing effect on me personally, as well as on the team, its effect rippled far beyond our expectations”



“Inspirational is a word that is too often overused, none more so than in relation to speakers, many of whom are very good but not truly inspirational i.e. inspire people to think or act in a different way. I had high expectations based on your Ted Talk and feedback I had received from a couple of people who had seen you live previously, and I am delighted to say that you surpassed them all.Thank you for a truly inspirational session!”


“How do you expect to be creative if you do the same things every day?”

- Ken Hughes -