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EMCEE SQUAREDBringing your event to the next level

A good Emcee should energise and engage an audience, add thought-provoking content throughout the day, ask intelligent questions and be able to debate the issues with every speaker. They are the face of the event, the host, both on stage and during networking breaks and dinners. Above all the audience should respect them, not just for their Emcee skills but for their understanding of the industry, the congress theme and the issues under discussion.

Emcee Squared is an MC product that goes beyond a simple on-stage host. Delivering across four key pillars, it sets the bar for what an MC should be.

Ken’s reputation as one of the most sought-after keynote speakers is partly due to his sheer energy, charm and on-stage presence. Add relevant and bespoke content to the mix, short intelligent inter-speaker presentations all day, a powerful keynote address, significant time spent getting to know speakers before your event, gamification & interaction with the audience, and being a ‘Golden Thread’ that links the event from start to finish, you have a powerful Emcee presence.

4 pillars to makeYour event truly engaging for attendees

01 | Speaker Introductions

Ken takes the time to learn about each speaker personally.

To an audience, the speakers should be introduced and shared in a manner fitting to the event. With energy, importance and expectation. Get the introductions right and an audience is engaged and ready.

Q&A sessions are also designed in the same way.

02 | Inter Speaker Content

A Golden Thread through the day, someone to take the core message of the last speaker, add something to it, and transition to the message of the next speaker. In between each speaker Ken Hughes showcases 3-5 minutes of bespoke content, adding context, provoking thought and adding further insight.

03 | The Keynote

Ken Hughes is most famous as a keynote speaker, and as such, as part of the Emcee Squared product, he delivers a full keynote tailored to the event. As he has already been doing micro-content between each speaker, attendees now have a chance to engage at a deeper level.

04 | Event Hosting & Gamification

At networking breaks, at the event dinner or party Ken Hughes will be present, available for debate and discussion. To circulate and ensure everyone is doing well, to encourage inter-attendee networking.

He also likes to entertain and engage an audience from the stage, with interactive games, stories and humour.



“Ken did a stellar job as our virtual emcee, exciting and engaging the VP audience throughout the 2-day event. His ability to humanise and personalise whileseamlessly adjusting to all the timing and technical issues that come up with a live show was outstanding. He was a great partner and really helped us make our event an ‘experience’. Highly recommended to bring your event to another level”


“As the host for the event, Ken took the time to get to know each speaker, their contribution and thus sculpted a great storyboard that kept the virtual conversation flowing effortlessly throughout. An absolute professional”



“As our event host, Ken was his usual charismatic energetic self throughout, pre-recording some segments and live for others and always there to lean on in terms of support. I couldn’t recommend highly enough”



“As our host, Ken brings such energy and passion to our Google virtual events, blending his own thought provoking content throughout. Engaging, funny, professional – simply outstanding!”



This guy just made an amazing MC. I can only define it as ‘Digital Stand-Up comedy

Nobody knows the audience better than Ken Hughes

I saw Ken Hughes and now I feel like his groupie

Fantastic Ken Hughes today! Lots to think about and lots of ideas down on paper… Thank you!

Probably the most entertaining MC I’ve heard at a conference ever! Fantastic!