Keynote Content: Virtual & On-Stage

Embedding Connection in our ‘Digital First’ World

A speech to inspire and engage, to entertain and to challenge how we think about the nature of relationship and connection. If we are serious about deepening our customer and employee relationships, we have to invest in emotional intelligence.

The Psychology of the Recovery

Be a brand partner on this Take Back journey with our customers, a catalyst and co-conspirator on their change journey rather than a casual observer.

Understanding the Modern New Consumer

This speech challenges any business to look at their future through the lens of their future consumer. We look at the social, cultural and cyber behavioural forces pressing on humanity, and how changes in consumer expectations have forever changed the game.


An entertaining and informative look at the modern consumer and their expectations, how and why the bar has been set high for CX and what your brand and business should be considering.


AI isn’t about the machines. It is about how we keep our influence and consumer communications as the algorithms and robots step in. This speech looks at where we have come from, where we are and where it could all be going.

Fuelling Personal Success

This unique speech challenges delegates at an individual level to rewire how they think and act, to build a culture of creativity from the ground up. By rewiring yourself to look for opportunity creativity and success follow.

Why your Employee Experience is Everything

This speech looks at the new values these employees now hold dear and how the workplace of the future needs to deliver. Organizations now have to focus on giving an employee a truly authentic experience, one that is genuine and talks to these new social values.